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Workfinity BPRM Technology
Optimize your core business processes, gain operational efficiencies & improve your bottom line & competitive edge.
Business Users – Drive your business rules
Model, simulate and drive business rules for any application in real-time.
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Workflow Automation
Designed on WFMC standards
Designed on WFMC standards

Turn Analytics into Profits

Through the precise, real-time analytics and reporting provided by the WorkFinity® BPRM technology, financial institutions can turn this information into valuable tools for business strategy and profitability. WorkFinity® innovative Analytics includes the following components:

  • Simulation of BPMs and Rules
  • Performance Management including Dashboard
  • Real-time Reports

WorkFinity® Analytics give Business Users the tools needed to own and govern the workflow and the business rules implemented in the enterprise with the ability to analyze and simulate (test) business process maps and rules well before they are published or go into production. Using the Analytics tool, business users can:

  • Simulate current policies with data (favorable and unfavorable).
  • Fine-tune policies till a satisfactory result is achieved.
  • Prepare with contingency plans that are ‘real-world’.

Benefits of WorkFinity® Analytics

Implement Business Rules demanded by ‘Market Changes or Competition’ in Real-time

Business Users can ensure that changes in market conditions are reflected in the business policies they are responsible for. The benefits include:

  • Business rules can be modified, added or captured using the appropriate data dictionary without assistance from technical teams.
  • Business rules are implemented in sync with market changes.
  • The rules and associated conditions meet the exact market requirements.
  • The new or modified rules are simulated and tested in real-time and published to desired system environments.

A powerful ‘Rules Repository’ tool

WorkFinity® Analytics makes it possible to store, analyze, and then implement business rules into production. You can define business goals, decision parameters, and business metrics for the business rules early in the process. This will ensure that the enterprises can prepare for the outcome of applying the business rules in different scenarios including best-case or worst-case.

Align your ‘Business Rules’ before they are deployed

The most important aspect is that you can quickly and easily fine-tune the business rules till you are sure they are aligned with your business goals and in sync with current market changes.

A powerful ‘Knowledge Management’ tool

  • For each Business Process Map, Business Users can maintain references between authored rules (with versions active and deployed) and enterprise policy documents, regulatory compliance documents, lending documents relevant to the loan product category, etc.
  • Define custom rule attributes and use them for parallel classification of rules based on several attributes.
  • Represent the knowledge base as rules and use the attributes as filters and define categorization schemes.

Maintain Central Repository of ‘Analysis Scenarios and the Results’ of running them

Using WorkFinity®Analytics, you can create a central repository of analysis scenarios that can be accessed by all stakeholders. To analyze these business cases, you can use historical records of the enterprise (either from a database or a data warehouse). In the absence of enterprise historical data, you can simulate business data. Policies that provide best results can be archived for future reference.

You can also share the results of analyzing the business rules by generating reports in HTML, PDF or Excel formats.

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