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Workfinity BPRM Technology
Optimize your core business processes, gain operational efficiencies & improve your bottom line & competitive edge.
Business Users – Drive your business rules
Model, simulate and drive business rules for any application in real-time.
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Workflow Automation
Designed on WFMC standards
Designed on WFMC standards
Workfinity® BPRM based Consumer Lending Technology - An intelligent Rules based Implementation Approach

WorkFinity® Advanced BPRM based Consumer Lending system is designed on highly innovative and reengineered approach to lending business. Our real-time technology is far superior when compared to any of the existing web-based or traditional systems that are in use or being offered in the marketplace.

Financial institutions find our technology a powerful "strategic tool" that allows them to reduce costs, increase productivity and provide superior customer service.

WorkFinity® provides one centralized browser-based integrated solution from Origination to Loan Booking with automated interfaces to third-party external systems. Applications are accepted from a variety of sources and decisioned in WorkFinity® Engine using the automatic decisioning and pricing engines. Offers for, qualified consumers, are generated in real-time in < 30 seconds. After the offers are accepted, WorkFinity® provides a robust and flexible queuing and management components to manage the loan queues and maximize productivity. WorkFinity® Real-time Analytics provides real-time analytics that enables financial institutions to strategize and plan their marketing or sales campaigns effectively. New products or offers could be designed, set up and simulated all in real-time.

WorkFinity® BPRM based Lending Technology is designed to be a scalable, secure, real-time platform for high-volume, instant transactions.

The key differentiator in our loan processing approach is that it allows the Business Users / Lending Experts to drive the technology easily, accomplish the desired objectives, and achieve the expected results and performance. Our Rules Engine (WorkFinity®) offers customers a unique platform to flexibly implement and manage complex lending rules & policies in a real-time environment without the costly use of custom programming.

WorkFinity® Advanced BPRM is a 'tool box' designed in such a way that users can virtually create and publish any lending business process application in real-time. In today's product offerings by various BPM vendors, users are forced to change their business processes and adapt to vendor-defined BPM products and processes. This is too restrictive considering the impact on your lending business including sales life cycles, market campaigns, program customizations and training.

Our technology offers you a highly robust solution that allows you to think intelligently and define the extent of automation you would like to bring into your lending business. You can use the components within the WorkFinity® BPRM tool box to easily configure your business processes for each loan product, and then in a step-by-step manner build your workflows/processes, user roles, eligibility conditions, rules, pricing & policies, interfaces, etc. Finally, your business users can simulate and analyze the processes, perform what if scenarios before publishing BPM's to various designated environments (development, test, production). All in real-time!

Our loan engine offers a platform for lenders to automatically handle any number of risk-based, offer configurations that have the potential to be presented to candidates based upon the rules tied to each offer. It automatically utilizes the loan-pricing engine to "price" a loan for a candidate that qualifies for one of the risk-based offers. It empowers market /sales personnel to strategize and use tools within the engine for creating custom rules around various loan products, as well as utilize real-time loan decision analytic data for business planning and growth.

BancSoft's technology offers a 'strategic differentiator' to your business enabling you to react rapidly to remain competitive, respond faster to the needs of your customers, improve efficiency, and create market promotions and/or personalized products and services - all in a real-time!

Our technology is a single platform from loan origination to closing with multi-partner and multi-bank integration.

BancSoft® Lending Technology is Live and in a production environment, available for a 'Test Drive' by our customers.

BancSoft's WorkFinity® driven REAL-TIME technology solutions offer a compelling value proposition with a high ROI to the financial institutions. The technology solutions are designed to be quickly deployed to provide unparalleled value, ease-of-use, and convenience to your customers. Our automated technology enables high-volume loan transactions, generates high revenues and reduces the loan processing costs drastically resulting in a rapid return on investment (ROI) for your institution.

BancSoft's Lending solution can be implemented in-house or outsourced using the BancSoft's ASP Hosting Services.

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